Arthritis in Quarantine

Hello friends, as many of you may know I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of 15. As a volunteer with the Arthritis Foundation it’s my mission to help find a cure for the nations #1 crippling disease – arthritis.

My normal week before COVID-19 quarantine consisted of onset makeup for television productions as well as being the master hair and makeup artist at Matt Boyd Photography. In between those shoots every week I had a busy and tedious routine to keep my arthritis pain in check. I had dry needling sessions at BenchMark Physical Therapy, Chiropractic adjustments with Georgia Chiropractic, Sports Massage with Georgia Sports Massage, and used machine weights to build muscle at my local gym. Having been home without these health professionals has been a real struggle. How can I get treatments in a time like this and not risk being exposed? I can’t. Please if you can – stay home so this will end soon. 54 million people have arthritis. 1 in 4 have severe joint pain. Being in quarantine has not been a difficult not only because I want to see my family, but also I desperately need to see health professionals that can help me manage my arthritis pain. Before you leave the house – please think twice.

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